About Proflang

About Proflang  -  Association of Languages for Professional Communication


The purpose of Proflang is to strengthen the professional language and communications needs of lecturers, researchers and other associated professionals.  In addition, the association also represents and highlights professional language communication needs in the working environment as well as in national language policies and decisions.  To fulfil these duties the association will organise training, have a communications role, be an initiator, give statements as well as being involved with professional language and communication related projects.

Membership is open to all professional language and communication lecturers working in universities, universities of applied sciences, vocational schools or corporate teaching as well as researchers and other interested professionals.  The association was registered in 2012.


  • participates in discussions on language educational policies by emphasising  the professional language and communication perspective in society
  • promotes plurilingualism, multilingualism and multiculturalism
  • promotes and supports the publication of textbooks, articles, reports and research papers within the professional language and communication field
  • canvasses, researches and reports on the language and communication challenges within a changing working environment
  • promotes knowledge of language usage and terminology development in different fields
  • aims to share best practices from different branches by, for example, working in different language networks
  • works generally to promote the development of professional language and communication
  • applies for financing to promote expertise in professional language and communication