The conference materials are available in the Member Room.


Spring Conference 2014 Materials

Erica Darics: European Network of Professional and Business Communication

Erica Darics:The DEANEX-method


PDF-tiedostoPotential of graduated Engineers.pdf (1.2 MB)
Marjatta Huhta: Potential of Graduated Engineers

Spring Conference 2013 Materials

PDF-tiedostoHuhta-Johnson_FINAL-Needs Analysis_Rovaniemi(1).pdf (3.3 MB)
Esko Johnson ja Marjatta Huhta: Needs Analysis for Language Course Design - New Cambridge University Press Publication 2013
PDF-tiedostoHuhta-Grabovskaia-General and Reseaerh competences-Tools Used.pdf (1.6 MB)
Marjatta Huhta ja Zinaida Grabovskaia: Integrating Learning of General and Research Competences into a Master’s Degree Program. Tools Used.

Spring Conference 2012 Materials

PDF-tiedostoLuuk_Presentation_Proflang_120515_def.pdf (1.7 MB)
Luuk van Leeuwen: The Design and Testing of an International and Intercultural Minor based on Blended Learning
Tuntematon tiedostomuotoSonja Holappa_Simplified example of Teacher info ppt slides - Engineering studies.pptx (529 kB)
MS Word -tiedostoSonja Holappa_TEXT SUMMARY Detailed.doc (24 kB)